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Kenyan School Celebrates First-Generation High School Student On Her Ongoing Journey

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on October 8, 2019

For 16-year-old Lucy, her long journey to school each day took her steps closer to reaching her goals. Growing up on a small plot of land in Kibera, Kenya, Lucy lived with her family near a stream of water. She always remembers the pungent smell of the water because she walks by it every day on her way to Soweto Academy.

“I have to walk every day, but it’s worth it because I not only get an education — I also get meals every day to make me strong,” Lucy said.

Lucy has been attending the Soweto Academy since nursery school in 2009, where she’s been receiving Rise Against Hunger meals through our partner, Feed the Hungry UK.

As a first-generation student to achieve an 8th grade education, Lucy takes pride in all of her accomplishments. Because of her achievements, her family and the community had a big celebration to give thanks to Soweto Academy for making her dreams come true.

Chris Okumu, the director of the Soweto Academy, expressed how proud he was of Lucy and the obstacles she has overcome. “This was a big challenge for the community because they mostly don’t believe in childhood education for girls,” he said.

The students from the school were all dancing and celebrating, along with Lucy, and giving thanks to the Soweto Academy for providing education and nutritious food.

With a bright future ahead, Lucy is now on her way to attend Soweto Academy Girls High School to continue her education for her secondary school studies with hopes of making her family and community proud.