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Rodnica is On the Path to Become a Leader in Her Community

By Hannah Payne on December 10, 2019

Rodnica lives in Tarasse, a rural farming community outside of Gonaives. The area is incredibly dry and desert-like and, as a result, the area lacks adequate water supply. Rodnica’s family doesn’t have running water in their home. Rodnica’s home life has other challenges, too. She has no electricity, and the roads leading both to school and out of town are in poor condition.

Rodnica eats two meals a day, one meal at home and a Rise Against Hunger meal at the Tarasse School distributed by partner Hearts and Hands for Haiti. She says the meals at lunchtime are very important to her and the other students at the Tarasse School. She says the meals help her study and give her strength. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, having food at school not only improves nutrition and health, but also increases educational achievement and provides an incentive for children to be sent consistently to school.

Additionally, Rodnica sometimes isn’t able to eat a meal at home, making her school lunch the only meal she eats on those days. When that happens, she says the Rise Against Hunger meals help her stay full throughout the day.

Mindsonise, the Primary Director of the Tarasse School, says that the Rise Against Hunger meals are very helpful for the students. She shares that before Rise Against Hunger meals were offered, fewer children came to school. Since the implementation of the school feeding program, not only has attendance improved, but test scores are also better.

Cherismond, the school’s director, has a big vision for both the Tarasse School and the community. He recently initiated the construction of a second floor for the school, which will allow them to house more students. For students who cannot afford to go to school or eat a meal, Cherismond will also find a project or job for them to do in exchange because other jobs in the area are scarce.

Rodnica dreams of becoming a nurse or leader in her community, and she says the Rise Against Hunger meals are very helpful towards achieving her goal.

For Rodnica, the Rise Against Hunger meals have represented hope for a brighter future. To help more people in need receive meals and Unbox Hope, donate today!