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Shipment of Solar Panels Helps Transform Haiti’s New HOPE Hospital

Maggie L Author
By Maggie Luckadoo on August 20, 2019

One of the most important things we’ve learned in 20+ years of partnering with organizations in countries worldwide is how crucial it is to ask the community we’re serving what is needed, rather than to assume we know best.

We are so proud to work with partners who are willing to think outside the box to eliminate roadblocks on the treacherous journey out of hunger and poverty. Sometimes, eliminating roadblocks comes in the form of providing nutritious meals, medicines, medical equipment or school supplies. In other cases, our partners look for ways to transform the spaces where our beneficiaries live, learn and work. The challenges communities face in the countries we serve are unique, but we are committed to working together to find solutions.

Earlier this summer, we were happy to be able to include solar panels in a shipment out of our Lynchburg, Virginia, location. The shipping container also included Rise Against Hunger meals and medical aid bound for the New HOPE Hospital in Cap Haitien, Haiti. The solar panels were generously funded by Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville.

Ron Jenkins, a volunteer with New HOPE Hospital and the Ford Haitian Foundation, shared:

“Solar panels are powering the hospital — pumping water, running fans and lights, and the operating room, complete with an air conditioner. It was wonderful to arrive and have a complete kit in the New HOPE warehouse. Everything arrived in great condition.”

The Rise Against Hunger Lynchburg team prepares pallets for the shipment to Haiti.

Supporting 150+ patients each day, New HOPE Hospital receives aid from Rise Against Hunger consisting of medical supplies and nutrient-rich meals. New HOPE, a community-based referral facility, serves 250,000+ residents and offers inpatient and outpatient services including prenatal and pediatric care, internal medicine and surgery.

Rise Against Hunger is on the path to end hunger, pushing beyond what has been previously deemed possible. Projects like this one reaffirm that with the help of many, many hands of our partners, volunteers and supporters from every corner of the globe, a world free of hunger can become a reality. Please join us.