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Three Zimbabwe Farmers Build Resilience With Their Crop Yields

By Hannah Payne on April 20, 2023

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing real stories of impact from real people in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe — and we’re thrilled to share the stories of three more incredible people: Jacquelyne and Blyberg, a married couple, and Nervous, a parent and village head. 

Jacquelyne, Blyberg and Nervous have all participated in the Planting Seeds for Strong Communities project, implemented by Rise Against Hunger and ADRA International. The project worked with community members, school leaders and local farmers to support long-term food security in Gokwe North. The project established a home-grown school feeding program for five local schools and provided farmer market and climate-smart agricultural training to local farmers.  

Implementing the project’s training in their farming, Jacquelyne, Blyberg and Nervous have increased their crop yields and are supporting the futures of their families and communities. Read their stories below!

Nervous, a father, husband and village leader

In the Chigariro One Village in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe, Nervous is a respected village head, husband, father and farmer using his increased crop yields to support his family and local community! 

Nervous previously harvested small amounts of cereals, cowpeas and sunflower. Through the Planting Seeds for Strong Communities project, he learned Zai pit farming, poultry rearing, and profiting techniques for scouting local markets to sell his produce. After implementing these practices, his crop yields drastically increased. “Our crops used to be affected by drought, and they introduced Zai pit farming,” he said. “We always have a harvest, even if there is no rain because of Zai pits.”

With his quality harvests, Nervous is able to sell produce at the local markets to generate income. He uses the money to not only feed his family, but also to support his community. 

Check out the video below to hear firsthand from Nervous about how he supports his family and community through farming!

Jacquelyne and Blyberg, a married couple and farmers

Through the healthy crops they’re harvesting and the farmer market training they received, Blyberg and Jacquelyne, a married couple and parents of two children living in the Kushinga community of Gokwe North, are increasing their income to support their family!

Jacquelyne and Blyberg received training on crops and livestock, savings and lending schemes, and how to find market opportunities through the Planting Seeds for Strong Communities project. Prior to the training, Blyberg sold his produce at a very low price, which meant most of his profits went to the wholesaler. With the knowledge he learned from the project, he is now able to sell his produce for a larger profit. 

In addition to Blyberg’s success selling produce, Jacquelyne has developed entrepreneurial skills by participating in a Village Savings and Loan Association group to earn money for her family. She said, “I now know that I must be an entrepreneur in order to make money. I was able to buy some goats and pay for my education. I was also able to pay for my children’s academic fees.”

With their increased income, Jacquelyne and Blyberg are supporting their family’s future. Their children now attend school and receive nutritious meals. Watch the video below to learn more about Blyberg and Jacquelyne’s incredible journey together! 

The impact these three farmers are making for their families and communities is truly remarkable! With increased crop yields and profits, they are building resilience toward long-term food security. To support impact like this in communities around the world, please donate today