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A Week Away From a Lifetime of Hope

Payton D Author
By Payton Docheff on December 23, 2020

There is one week left in 2020. The final week of 2020 can mean plenty of things. Frantically finishing holiday projects. Celebrating; resting; recharging.

It can also mean one final opportunity to lift up a family that needs your support to thrive. This week, Haika doesn’t need to worry about her two-year-old son falling ill. She doesn’t need to suppress her vision of growing, nurturing and supporting her family. She can dream.

Haika lives in a remote village in Tanzania, where 30-40% of all children experience stunted growth. As a 24-year-old mother, she participates in a community-based, parent-driven program called Reaching Children’s Potential led by our partner Global Volunteers. She has access to nutritious food, micronutrient supplements, improved hygiene and healthcare, family planning and parental support and quality education for Michael.

Yohana, a community leader in Haika’s district, describes her as patient and resilient. Experiencing empowerment and opportunity through Reaching Children’s Potential has motivated her to work harder than ever before.

Haika’s week is hopeful because of the generous support of Hunger Champions worldwide. She will see Michael confident and energized and she will make plans for a successful tomorrow.

There is one week left. How will you use it? There may be a lifetime of hope waiting ahead.

Looking for ways to provide hope? Here are six! Interested in Reaching Children’s Potential and empowered families in Tanzania? Join Rise Against Hunger and Global Volunteers for a Virtual Impact Trip!