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What Drives Us?

Hunger impacts everything.

For communities around the world, facing hunger affects their livelihood:

Hope thrives alongside nutrition

Almost half of all childhood deaths worldwide occur in children with malnutrition.

Learning increases with stability

Without the right nutrients, the brain cannot develop properly, resulting in long term effects on learning abilities.

Self-sufficiency leads to growth

As many as 783 million people across the world don’t receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life, or provide for themselves and their families.

How We’re Driving Toward Our Goals

Provide Today
Build for Tomorrow

Nourish Lives Through Meal Packaging Events

You can volunteer to contribute your time in packing balanced and nutritious meals that are sent directly to those in need through our coordinated events.

Respond to Emergencies with In-Need Resources

Our ability to use funds and resources to respond to disasters and other urgent needs that put lives and livelihoods in danger is based on your gifts.

Empower Communities to Stand Strong

Partner with us to work globally on ways to leverage training and provide access to foods and other means of food security that return communities to self-sustainable economies.

Our Vision

A World Without Hunger

Impacting remote, last-mile communities within hunger pockets can feel daunting. With your help, we can continue to step into these grassroots communities with hope and help.

Addressing Hunger Where It's Needed Most

We target specific geographic regions where access to diverse and nutritious food is limited.

Where We Work