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An Incredible Milestone: Pfizer Celebrates 4 Million Meals Packaged With Rise Against Hunger!

By Audrey Kleiner on September 29, 2023

Over the past 13 years, more than 19,000 Pfizer employees have come together across the globe to package millions of nutritious meals to help end world hunger. Through 179 meal packaging events, Pfizer recently reached an incredible milestone of 4 million meals packaged!

This milestone is a cause for celebration. Pfizer’s driven purpose as a corporation centers on breakthroughs to change lives. This 4 million meal milestone is a breakthrough for millions of families in remote, last-mile communities facing hunger.

Since 2010, Pfizer has partnered with us in our mission to end world hunger. Pfizer has empowered the movement to nourish lives by rallying thousands of Hunger Champions to package millions of nutritious meals at hundreds of meal packaging events. The meals contain rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals, providing nutrition to people facing food insecurity. Their partnership has helped to alleviate world hunger one meal at a time.  

The 4 million meals is an exciting milestone to reach because of the difference it will make by paving the way toward resilience, self-sufficiency, education, empowerment and brighter futures in communities worldwide. Take a look at the recap of Pfizer’s September 2023 events:

How can your company join our movement to end world hunger? Together we can make one meal into many. Fill out the interest form on our Corporate Partnership page to get started.