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Hang’s Journey to Thriving in the Classroom and Her Dream of Becoming a Teacher

Mackenzie G Author
By McKenzie Grimes on April 14, 2021

Hang, age 9, lives in Da Nang, Vietnam with her mother and grandparents. Hang has faced many obstacles, but her perseverance and dreams to become a teacher inspire those around her daily!

At age 2, Hang was diagnosed with Polio. She endured the effects of the illness and was eventually enrolled at the Thanh Tam Special Education School.

Thanh Tam Special Education School offers therapeutic, educational, wellness and recreational programs to empower children and young people with disabilities. The school provides reduced fees for families living in poverty, helping parents continue to earn a living, while their child receives the education and care they need. “We want to bring children with disabilities a sense of well-being,” expressed Vice Principal Taho.

When Hang arrived at school, she was severely malnourished and immobile. With the help of physical therapy, dedicated teachers and nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals, she is now in third grade, and excelling in the classroom.

“Hang helps me count the number of students in class every day, and shares her thoughts and ambitions to become a good teacher with me,” says Hang’s teacher, Ms. Tai.

Ms. Tai, has been working for more than nine years at Thanh Tam Special Education School. Though this job comes with its own challenges, she expressed her heart and passion for this work. “I witness their improvement day by day. I am dedicated to this mission,” Tai says.

Through our partnership with the Children of Vietnam, Rise Against Hunger meals are distributed at the Thanh Tam Special Education school. The meals are used everyday for lunch and a snack in the afternoon. Staff shared how these meals are essential for the children, providing total nutrition to support their growth.

School staff gets creative with the meals they receive, sometimes making dishes like fish soup, porridge with meat and pork chops, and Duang Chau fried rice. Hang and her friends describe the meals as “Delicious!”

“I would like to send a heartfelt gratitude to the Children of Vietnam organization, a golden bridge that connected us to Rise Against Hunger’s nutritious meals for our children. No words can reveal the joy in my heart. A million thanks to you,” expressed Vice Principal Thao.

To support student’s dreams around the world, like Hang’s dream of becoming a teacher,  please give now.