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Yaritza Is Continuing Her Studies To Provide for Her Child

By Hannah Payne on November 2, 2022

Yaritza, a young mother living in Chinandega, Nicaragua, is focused on finishing her degree to ensure she can provide the best for her child. And adequate nutrition ensures she is able to focus on her studies as she works to achieve this goal. 

Where Yaritza lives with her husband and baby in Chinandega, the economy is reliant on agriculture, with sugarcane and peanuts as the main crops. Yaritza’s husband works in the sugarcane fields to support their family, but the work fluctuates, which sometimes results in an extended period of time between payments and causes economic challenges for the family. Yaritza’s family previously ate two meals a day, mostly consisting of rice and beans. During this time, she was underweight and anemic. 

She began receiving a box of Rise Against Hunger meals, distributed by partner ORPHANetwork, monthly for her and her family in 2021. With these meals, she and her family now eat three nutritious meals daily and don’t have to worry about food if her husband is waiting to receive his salary. She said, “We have food that is more nutritious and it gives us economic relief.”

ORPHANetwork works throughout Chinandega. Silvia, ORPHANetwork’s Community Development Agent in Chinandega, said that the number of children experiencing malnutrition in the community has decreased. She said, “Today, we only have four children with chronic malnutrition. Most likely, we will close this year with zero cases.” Maria, the leader at the community’s feeding program, added that the children in Chinandega are “growing up healthier” and “anemia in women has been reduced to only four cases among the 34 that are being served.” 

Yaritza has noticed that both her anemia and weight have improved. She said, “My health has changed. This is important to be able to give the best of myself to my child.” 

For Yaritza, giving the best to her child means focusing on studying. She didn’t finish high school, but she wants to do so. “I would like to finish my high school so I can give a better future to my child,” she said. 

Yaritza is now continuing her studies. She said, “I know I’m young and I can finish my high school. Now is not just for me, I have my child and I can inspire him when he grows up.”  

Yaritza’s future for her and her child starts with her education — and it starts with a meal. With the nutrition she needs to focus on her studies, she is working toward her goal! To support the futures of people like Yaritza, donate today